We create music that amplifies your message

We get to the essence of your project and translate it into sound

We add depth to the world you designed

What we do

Original Music composition

Unique soundtracks for your videos, games and theatre plays

Music is a powerful storytelling tool: it creates an atmosphere, evokes emotions and enhances the message. Be it a catchy jingle or a blood-chilling horror movie soundtrack - music sets the tone and determines the context. We create unique music compositions to elevate the essence of your work...


Sound design

Sonic glue to bring your story to life

Sound design sets the mood and creates instant atmosphere, affecting listeners on an emotional, mental and physical level. Leaves rustling in the wind, doors shutting, cars honking - these sounds are responsible for adding color to your images and bringing them to life...


Audio post-production

The art of crafting the perfect mix

In order to achieve powerful, immersive sound, all the audio elements of your product need to fit just right, like a puzzle. Every dialogue snippet, sound effect and piece of music is blended to perfectly fit the image and enhance the audio quality...


Music library

Good-to-go, quality tracks to make your project stand out

Are you looking for quality music, but on a tight budget or approaching deadlines? Check out our ever-expanding music library, full of pre-licensed, ready-to-use tracks. A wide variety of productions is at your disposal, ranging from cinematic themes and soundscapes to pop songs and sound logos...


3d audio

Immersive surround sound to bring virtual worlds to life

Virtual Reality is the next frontier in the visual world. With Youtube 360°, Playstation VR and the Oculus Rift, 3D is all around us. Sound plays an indispensable part in crafting realistic and believable virtual worlds. It helps draw your audience deeper into the experience you are creating...