3d audio

Immersive surround sound to bring virtual worlds to life

Virtual Reality is the next frontier in the visual world. With Youtube 360°, Playstation VR and the Oculus Rift, 3D is all around us. Sound plays an indispensable part in crafting realistic and believable virtual worlds. It helps draw your audience deeper into the experience you are creating.

Traditional audio is limited to two speakers, only allowing sound to be placed left or right off the center. Imagine what you can do without these restrictions: 360 degrees of creative freedom. Let the floor creak below your feet, a voice speak from behind you or a helicopter fly above. Or listen to music in 3D, placing the band all around you. The possibilities are endless.

At HearHear we have the know-how and equipment to fully record and mix spatial audio. In our studio, you can experience spatial audio that follows every little movement your head makes. Any of our other music and sound services can be combined with spatial audio techniques, placing it in a 3D space.