Music library

Good-to-go, quality tracks to make your project stand out

Are you looking for quality music, but on a tight budget or approaching deadlines? Check out our ever-expanding music library, full of pre-licensed, ready-to-use tracks. A wide variety of productions is at your disposal, ranging from cinematic themes and soundscapes to pop songs and sound logos.

HearHear on Pond5

All our library tracks are produced with the same high-quality standards as our commissioned music. To achieve that, we give ourselves a specific assignment for each track: be it 'music for a new HBO show about time travelers' or 'soundtrack for a yoga studio commercial'. This approach pushes us into uncharted music territory, helping discover new possibilities.

Our music library offers a great selection of styles and genres to fulfill any of your requirements. Check out our music collection at Pond5 and find the track that fits your project.

If you feel like you need a custom soundtrack designed specifically for your project, don't hesitate to contact us.